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As commanded by Mistress Sweets.

A poem for Her feet.

Oh Mistress Sweets! I offer thee
on hands and knee,
so humble do I approach, lowered my eyes.
your muddy boots, my prize!

But alas my Lady! A dilema has arose,
this poem badly the words flows,
Bemoaning the sad truth, at this time,
how ungrammatical a thing it is to write a rhyme,
between Mistress Sweets and her Lovely Feets!

They might be lovely feets,
or muddy feets,
the feets of Mistress Sweets.

They won't be muddy feets, No!
They will be tongue bathed yummy feets,
The Feets of Mistress Sweets!

Oh my ears do ache! I implore thee! Take!
The "S" from Mistress Sweets!
For Sweet and Feet are musical to me,
But Sweets and Feets seems provenchal.

I worry too much, I dread the wrath,
of Mistress Sweets' Feets upon my Teats...
planting them firmly under my tongue,
demanding......oh I lose the words in my dizzy haze.

Oh Bliss, the feet, the booted muddy, lovely Feets.

Of Mistress Sweets.

2004 LR by River

Ok can I please stay in the group? :)
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